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Eight Killed of AlNusra Front and FSA Over a Woman

FSA groups fight over booty, trespassing of each other’s areas, and even each other’s women.

According to AlKhabar Press sources, FSA member Mjed N. broke into the home of Mohamad D, one of AlNusra Front leading figures. Mjed raped Mohamad’s wife and had his friend video the incident. The wife in fear of her life didn’t tell her husband anything, but the video eventually reached him.

Mohamad soon attacked the FSA base where Mjed and his friend were staying. Mjed was killed with four others from FSA, and three of the husband’s group. Mohamad’s second in command was among the killed. For three hours the two groups fought, and clashes started to spread. The husband wasn’t placated until they handed him Mjed’s dead body. He burned the body, then threw it in front of an FSA gathering.

Raping of each other’s wife had became an FSA habit, a sign of their intense relations. Some Jihadists are even sharing their wives willingly with their fellow Jihadists.

Arabic Source: http://j.mp/YEKNBo 

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