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230 AlQaeda Militants Eliminated in Qalamon in One Shot

When the Obama regime sends millions of US dollars worth advanced drones to kill a US citizen across the planet without trial the mainstream media & western people praises him, when the SAA kills tens of foreign radical Al-Qaeda Wahhabi Cannibal Sex Jihadists inside Syria, this never get noticed.

That what happened when Obama killed Anwar Awlaki and his young child, and this what happened when the Syrian Arab Army killed at least 230 terrorists from Nusra Front, the Levant version of Alqaeda, in an ambush near Nabk city north of Damascus last week.

Talfita town in Qalamon near the Lebanese borders, liberated by SAA on 15 October 2013

After the preemptive military operation carried out by the SAA in Eastern Ghouta, Damascus countryside on 19 August 2013, just 2 days before the ‘chemical craze’, the operation which secured the failure of the ‘liberation of Damascus’ from its people and ended with killing more than 4,500 terrorists out of the total of 6,500 highly trained by CIA suicide freedom fighters, after this preemptive operation and after the realization of the Obama regime and their stooges that there won’t be any military strike against Syria to aid the leftover terrorists in the countryside, herds of the terrorists flocked to the Qalamon area in strongholds fortified by the rough mountainous area and linked with the Lebanese concentrations of Al-Qaeda, namely Arsal on the other side of the mountains.

Syrian Armed Forces which left a corridor as usual for terrorists to escape hoping some of them might change their mind and drop their quest for 72 virgins, kept a watchful eye on the terrorists fleeing, and followed their footsteps. The noose was tightened on the terrorists in Qalamon and squeezed on them in Yabroud, one of the cities known for its thriving smuggling business between Syria and Lebanon, and one of the first towns to aid the terrorists against the Syrian state. A very active SAA checkpoint is set on the Damascus-Homs international highway near the town of Nabk, and on a certain day with a firm plan, the checkpoint was moved, a large group of terrorists not less than 300 took the bait and tried to cross the road near Taybah restaurant.

Trying to stay low, the highly trained AlQaeda militants hid in a semi-natural trench awaiting the right time to cross into Nabk city on the other side of the road just to meet their end of their filthy life at the hands of the Syrian Arab Army men. Not less than 230 Wahhabi Jihadists were eliminated immediately, some put the figure at 250, and the rest were crippled, literally.

Western mainstream media might have included the killed terrorists in the toll of ‘civilians killed by the regime’ they keep a record of, I’m not sure whether they did count them, but our sources confirm the operation and crossed with sources from locals, the blow was so severe that the terrorists leftovers are trying to flee Yabroud to the outskirts of Dayr Attiyeh near the hills in groups of 2 or 3 maximum to evade their inevitable death.

SAA Unit Operating a Machine Gun in Qalamon
SAA Unit Operating a Machine Gun in Qalamon Mountain

SAA, the Syrian Arab Army definitely deserves a world’s prize more worthy than the Nobel Peace Prize for its hard work in cleaning our planet from its ever filthiest threat against humanity, civilization and future, and ending the presence of such filth in the tens of thousands not in individuals like the operations carried out by the world’s biggest armies.

October 19, 2013

After all those times of more than two years of fighting: give lots of experience, now one of the best fighters in the Middle East. The war continue until Syria will be free of the bustard’s Al Qaeda the Red Pirate Obomber bois: but this guy will impeached soon, but still Israel wants own ambitions which the dangers not finish.

Tom Skylark
October 19, 2013

Assad’s forces seem to be doing a good job fighting these demonic forces of the future anti-Christ.

October 20, 2013

You have shown their are sex jihadists, and you have shown cannibalism, and certaintly most Rebel scum are Terrorist Jihadists, but I don’t think you need to always use Cannibal and Sex Jihadists as it is very over the top and distracts from your case. Also, this mentioning of Obama at every reference to Jihadists is not logical, Oscar’s talk of America regime change is even more fool hardey. Firstly, Obama has been pushed into prowar stance for a long time, but he always found a way to delay the attack, in the end the pressure was so big, he needed Russian help to find a way out of the war, but if Mitt Romney was in charge, he would have bombed Syria within a month. He would have backed the terrorists far more and far faster. These Terrorists are trained more based on the commands of former General Petraeus and the CIA, and the push by Hillary Clinton. The Push for war in 2013 came from John Kerry and Susan rice, while Obama and General Dempsey where clearly the two slowing things down. It must also be noted that Obama is now part of a first ever push for peace with Iran which is stopping the pressure of bombing Syria (along with Russian backed CW disarmament). Without peace with Iran and new American outlook in the region, even after CW disarmament, Syrian can expect to be bombed, so recognise that Obama is has pushed for peace more than any American leader, and at the same time, Obama remains vicious, and capable of war, but the alternatives like Hillary, John Kerry, or Romney and McCain are a far worse option as they listen first to Netanyahu’s wishes, while clearly Obama dislikes the Zionists and only makes partial concessions to get them off his back.

chris a. black
October 25, 2013

beautifully said,,,,there is another side of washington dc that would have bombed syria,iran,and north korea this year alone if they had there way,,,

Ralph Coffman
October 20, 2013

MANY THANKS… Great job Syrian Army. We are with you Brothers and Sisters. You fight for your Country and you fight for the Whole World at the same time. We the People of the World, Earth’s Humanity, Salute you. We stand with you and will never desert you. We are United in the cause of Truth, Justice, and Human Rights for all. War is a crime. Aggression is a crime. We are the committed ones who will never rest. We will Prevail and we will Overcome, Together. . signed, Hon. Ralph Coffman . president . Independent United States of America

lazaros lazarou
October 24, 2013

my freind ralph i grew up fifty years in australia you could say its just another state of the yanks evil ally but i hold no grudes as truth is what it is and your comment about the syrian army is true thats what makes my life great that their are people who can see truth in this evil war that living in usa has slowly eaten the truth out of your souls you have woken up my freind which is good for you no go out on the streets of usa and start an uprise on your own evil tyrants as usa is doing in middle east then maby yanks might return to being just as normal as the rest of the world not the selected ones as the jews think they are and have been the core of the evil that they have brainwash nealy 300 or so million yanks sorry that that has happened to you gulibal humans by the way i live in cyprus now a little island that evil kissinger destroyed and put on the path to evil fashist ruling this beautifull little island

October 20, 2013

Excellent news, an interesting reflection is that we have seem many of this large scale fights in 2013 and SAA has been victorious in all of them, this is a good indication of what is to come in 2014, ithough it will be quite difficult to clean Syria entirely off terrorists, it may be that Syria will be 80-90% off blood sucker terrorists by end of 2014. Keep pushing SAA, not rest to the terrorists.