YouTube Channel Deleted / New Update Below

Google owned YouTube have deleted our channel claiming we violated their ‘Community Standards’; it turned out we were not the only victims, first they tried to rip us off from the revenues by striking most of our videos with their ‘not advertisers friendly’ claim, while they continued to play ads on the same videos, then removing the whole channel.

We had over 500 very important videos, most of which were and still exist on terrorist groups channels but not addressed to the Western or the international societies as it is in Arabic or Urdu to help them recruit more radical graduates of Saudi sponsored ‘Madrassas’, and all we did was adding English subtitles to these videos so the world will realize who is killing the Syrian people, which made the propagandists work more difficult.

image-YouTube Propagandists Platform for US Sponsored Al-Qaeda
YouTube supports al-Qaeda and deletes hundreds of videos and tens of channels in the process to hide the truth and maintain one narrative only: The Pentagon Narrative.

This will not stop us defending our country and exposing the lies of the Western politicians, their media aka fake news, their lobbyists and their regional stooges. We will not let them take control of the last bastion against their hegemony goals to turn our beloved country Syria, the cradle of civilization to one of their client countries or divided in-fighting ’emirates’ or ‘sheikhdoms’ asking the USA to solve our internal issues like the case now with the Gulfies.

image-YouTube Rejects to Return Our Channel
YouTube Rejects to Return Our Channel

We have found one platform for now to host our videos called and we will continue to find other ways to upload our massive library deleted by al-Qaeda’s official propaganda platform on Social Media.

This attempt by Google-owned YouTube reminds us of what Facebook also did the same on multiple occasions deleting hundreds of pro-Syria profiles, groups, and pages while it protected and even promoted profiles, groups, and pages that explicitly called for genocide against Syrian civilians and Syrian public institutes. This might upset those simple-minded in the West especially to learn about, but this is how their countries justify invading other countries, then a decade or more later would or would not apologize for the invasions they carry out based on mere lies.

Obviously, NSA-colluding platforms are trying to remain the monopoly of news but thanks to the hundreds of activists this will never happen and with your support, we can fight them back and restore our rights in free will, free speech and decide our own future.


Update July 22, 2017: We have no clue why but YouTube has revised ‘again’ our channel and deemed it ‘is not in violation with (their) Terms of Service.’ and since have re-instated the channel or as they called it ‘unsuspended our account’.

image-YouTube Re-Instates our Channel
YouTube Re-Instates our Channel

However, and for our surprise, this didn’t come for free. The Google-owned monopoly or monopoly wanna remain, stroke a number of the videos with ‘Copyright claims

image-YouTube Strikes Multiple Videos with Copyright Claims
YouTube instantly after re-instating our channel strikes many videos with copyright claims

We are in the process of backing-up all our videos from there and continue to look for a more stable, unbiased, proper online library to maintain the videos and revisit all the articles here and update the relevant posts with the new links to the new library just to be on the safe side from having another set of YouTube admins decide to delete our channel again for no proper reason and without prior notice. Your suggestion on the new alternative to YouTube platform are very much welcomed and highly appreciated.

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    • May God severely deal with each corporation that is conducting this vile sinister totally evil action against the truth.

  1. I time to start alternative sites. All of them, Google, Youtube, CNN, and others, are a part of the fake MSM-media. They censore, and they are sensitive to pressure from states and authorities as intelligence services, look at the example of Google in China. The only way to get around them, and finally get rid of them, is to start alternative sites.

    • Please send me your newsletters or any other information about Syria. As you know, the MSM won’t report information I consider important. It’s called censorship, and I don’t like someone else deciding what information is important or not. I’ll decide, but I need as much resources as I can get, due to this same censorship. Keep the faith!!

  2. Ah yep. And you thought the free press was there to tell people the truth or accurate reporting? I blame all the fools who jumped on such social media. Even channels like RT and such. When just a handful of sites like face book and google ban them, 99% of their readers go blank. And people willingly give up their privacy and info.

  3. Dear Syria News,
    I am a movie producer from Germany and currently busy with a documentary about two brothers from Syria.
    Because we cant go to Syria, we have no footage from the syrian war, the demonstrations and the killings. But we need some material to spred awarness. So it would be a great help, if you could help us finding videos with creative common license.
    Thanks for your help
    Greetings from Kiel

  4. I’m looking
    Find for me please a woman, Chava Tzofia (Zofia), who joined a military adviser and works under NATO, please. I have no news about Chava, 34 years, originally from Israel. I hope she still lives. Please reply to my e-mail [email protected]
    Thank you very much.

    Your friend from Czech Republic

    • Jason, the famed Cedars Sinai Hospital in Los Angeles is running a great special on brain transplants. Please to all who know you a great favor by getting one.

  5. Get a channel on BitChute or Hooktube. BitChute is excellent. A lot of Youtubers have moved there. And just link your videos to those you upload on BitChute.

  6. Jason you despise free speech for some reason, as it is possible to classify all personal opinions as propaganda. What you seem to prefer is the propaganda issuing from the present bankster cabal who use their platforms to indoctrinate the West from birth in schools, add TV and CNN and the other enemedia channels, and then tie it all together with corrupt and servile politicians.

    Facts are important, and knowing the difference between them and lies can make the difference between life and death. This is why free speech is perhaps the most important right that polities can recognize, and why the war profiteers currently running Youtube, Facebook, and similar Big Tech platforms prevent it with every ability at their disposal.

    You may approve of the current state of the nation of Libya. That is the intentional product of the propaganda you support. I earnestly wish for you to permanently domicile there, since that is the outcome you have supported. Try to avoid the slave pits while you’re there.

    Good luck.

  7. Since YouTube removed your channel, another open source option you can consider is called Bitchute.

    Keep up the great work on real news!


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