well first of all hes a teen then comes hes living in a place that exports i

Well first of all he's a TEEN.. then comes he's living in a place that exports its surplus of 'free speech' and 'liberties' to the 'third world', then WTF did he really wrote to get him arrested?!??!

Happens only in the #Obama regime #USA where weapons and money should only go to kill innocent Syrians, Iraqis, Afghanis, Palestinians and other Muslims worldwide arming the 'Moderate Rebels' in these countries.

Teen Arrested for His Choice of Emojis in a Facebook Post
Bushwick, NY– Apparently you do not even need to use words to be "making a threat" these days. Seventeen year old Osiris Aristy was arrested on Sunday evening after posting a Facebook status using the police officer emoji and the gun emoji. There was no written threat included in the post we found…

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