Violent Clashes in Turkey


Protesters clash with Turkish police in Ankara on May 14, 2014 during a demonstration gathering thousands after more than 282 people were killed in an explosion at a mine in Soma Turkey. Hundreds marched on Ankara’s energy ministry as police fired tear gas and water cannon. Violent protests have been reported in Soma itself, where relatives of the dead miners are unleashing their anger at Prime Minister Recep Tayyip Erdogan. Erdogan himself visited Soma and made a press conference but Erdogan was forced to shelter in a local supermarket to escape the enraged crowds. Rocks were thrown as crowd members accused the Turkish PM of being a murderer and a thiefalalam_635357387021309115_25f_4x3 alalam_635357387435640544_25f_4x3alalam_635357386768653852_25f_4x3


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