Ayman al-Zawahiri the successor of Osama bin Laden urges and orders all fighting groups in Syria to unite as one, and that they should fight as one after they have been fighting between themselves  for months now and their clashes have lead to a great death toll in both sides hundreds maybe thousands of dead militants.  This interview was dated to be between February and April but released after the Islamic State of Iraq and the Levant (ISIL) accused Al-Qaeda of having “deviated from the correct path of true jihad.”

“They have divided the ranks of the mujahideen (holy warriors) in every place,” ISIL spokesman Abu Mohammed al-Adnani said in a statement posted on extremist forums.


Zawahiri rejected al-Adnani’s allegations as he said: “If I command you to fight your mujahideen brothers, do not obey me. If I command you to blow yourself up among your mujahideen brothers, do not obey me.”

“Our method is to focus on the Hubal (pre-Islamic pagan god) of the era, America, and its Crusader allies and the Zionists and their traitor agents, and to incite the Ummah (Muslim community) and rally it for jihad against them and leaving the side skirmishes,” Zawahiri said in the interview.

“Our method is to preserve blood and avoid operations that could potentially shed the blood of others unjustly in marketplaces, residential areas, and even among the jihadi groups.”

Ayman accuses Al Assad government of having penetrated’ extremists groups in order to ‘sow sedition’.

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