image-SAA Martyer General (Ret.) Ahmad al-Ghadban

SAA General Negotiating Damascus Water Assassinated

January 15, 2017 Miri Wood 7

Retired SAA General Ahmad al Ghadban, Reconciliation Coordinator in Wadi Barada was assassinated as he left a meeting 14 January with armed gangs, in which the dire problem of the water of al Fijah spring was to have been resolved.  Though humanity’s oldest water source was polluted on 23 December, and surrounding [Continue reading…]

NATO Terrorists contaminate Damascus Drinking Water

Wadi Barada Agreement Update – Water Supply to Damascus

January 12, 2017 Arabi Souri 2

After the hardest days for over 5.5 million people in Damascus City, an agreement is under way to restore water supplies from Wadi Barda’s Ain Fijah Spring. As we have predicted 24 hours ago: Radical terrorists to Idlib and better even to their mother land Turkey, and a reconciliation for tens [Continue reading…]


Mass Graves and Slaughterhouses in Aleppo

December 28, 2016 Miri Wood 5

by Afraa Dagher Syrian tv showed another horrible massacre in the eastern part of Aleppo, the part which was controlled by the “rebels.”  The recent report was of a mass grave of 23 victims in al Kallas district, which was a terrorist headquarter.  It was found after those terrorists were [Continue reading…]