image-Jayrud People Celebrating their Town's Liberation from Terrorists

People of Jayrud Celebrating the Liberation of their City from Terrorists

May 6, 2018 Arabi Souri 1

Jayrud and Rhaibeh towns were declared terrorists-free by the Syrian state after successfully evicting the terrorists from the Eastern Qalamoun region. The region is a mountainous area on the borders with Lebanon. Warning – Disclaimer: ‘Who you will see in this video report are real people in a real place, [Continue reading…]

image-Cars Tunnels Network Used by Terrorists in Douma - East Ghouta

Terrorists Massive Network of Tunnels in Douma

April 17, 2018 Arabi Souri 2

A Note to US Citizens in Particular: What you are going to watch is done with full support of your government, mostly by your tax money, the Trump regime is now pushing the Saudis to pay back for. It was done to be used by terrorists who smuggled massive quantities [Continue reading…]

image-Message from the People of Douma, East Ghouta, Damascus Countryside, Syria

Message from the People of Douma

April 15, 2018 Arabi Souri 0

On the same day the Western trio USA, UK and France launched their heinous attack against the Syrian nation in revenge for the cleaning of Douma and the whole of East Ghouta from their terrorists they invested in highly and dearly, the city of Douma was declared terrorists free officially [Continue reading…]

image-Families of Kidnapped Civilians with Jaish Islam in Douma Protest to Find out the fate of their Relatives

Families of Kidnapped: Tell Us if They Are Alive or Dead

April 9, 2018 Miri Wood 1

Families of kidnapped are pouring onto the streets from the Faiha Stadium, where hundreds have been waiting to find out if their children, parents, cousins will be found among the living. In that Douma agreement, terrorist gangs Jaish al Islam and Jabhat al Nusra were put on buses to  Jarabulus [Continue reading…]

Faylaq Rahman Headquarters and Prison in Zamalka, East Ghouta

SAA Discovers Faylaq Rahman’s HQ and Prison in East Ghouta

April 6, 2018 Arabi Souri 1

Syrian Arab Army units constantly combing the recently cleaned areas from Western-sponsored terrorists in East Ghouta discovered the headquarters and main prison used by the ‘Faylaq Rahman’ terrorist organization. The discovery was in the town of Zamalka in East Ghouta, the town was cleaned from terrorists by the SAA end [Continue reading…]

corrupt trump

Trump Freezing Money for Syria that Nobody Knew About

April 2, 2018 Miri Wood 2

Recent news reports claim that US President Donald J. Trump has frozen more than $200 million in funds “earmarked for Syria recovery efforts” that nobody seems to have known about until this freezing  announcement.  Ostensibly, recently fired SoS Tillerson had mentioned — at some ‘aid’ conference in Kuwait — such [Continue reading…]

image-Women and children held in cages by Nusra Front driven around Douma - Eastern Ghouta

Saudi-Sponsored Terrorist Group in Douma to Release 3500 Hostages

March 24, 2018 Arabi Souri 9

The anti-Islamic Wahhabi group known as Jaysh al-Islam operating in the city of Douma (aka Duma) in Eastern Ghouta agreed to release 3,500 kidnapped persons in a deal struck with Russia. We are still waiting to see any outcry from the hypocrite Western criers for human rights in Syria, especially [Continue reading…]