General David Petraeus reviled as War Criminal

general david petraeus reviled war criminal

September 12, 2013 Arabi Souri 1

Commander in Chief of the U.S. armed forces in Iraq and Afghanistan berated as war criminal. The former four-star General David Petraeus, commander of U.S. armed forces in Iraq and Afghanistan and ISAF Commander in Afghanistan, as well as the Director of the CIA after his exit from the U.S. [Continue reading…]

Syria: Assad visits University in Damascus

Syria’s Assad Commemorates Damascus University Martyrs

May 4, 2013 Arabi Souri 0

Syrian president Bashar Al-Assad joined thousands of Damascus University students and families of Syria’s student martyrs in unveiling the monument to commemorate the martyrs of the university and all Syrian universities’ martyrs. President Assad ‘squeezed’ by crowds of students was quoted telling the students: ‘Our culture is light, survival and [Continue reading…]