Strait of Hormuz - Iran's Dominance

Britain Foolishly Granted Iran the Control Over Strait of Hormuz

July 25, 2019 Arabi Souri 3

The British regime of Elizabeth the Second has foolishly set the precedent for Iran to control the Strait of Hormuz it dominates.

Pollution reached Jableh shores from Baniyas oil pipeline sabotage

Brit Empire Launches Psyop against Baniyas Syria, Engages in Piracy

July 6, 2019 Miri Wood 6

In a shameless attempt to keep a lid on reporting of the sabotage of undersea pipelines at Baniyas Marine Terminal, 22 June, the Brit Empire has launched an obscene psyop against Syria, against Syria’s refinery, against Syria having oil, and to whip up support for the economic terrorism by the [Continue reading…]

Panama registered Grace 1 oil tanker carrying crude oil en route to Syria seized by Britain Pirates near occupied Gibraltar

Nobody is Talking about the Sanctions against Syria!

July 5, 2019 Arabi Souri 6

In the News Coverage of the British Theft of Iranian Oil Tanker, Nobody is Talking about the Sanctions against Syria. In the news: The smart US regime discovered an oil shipment heading from Iran to Syria and ordered their British ever-loyal servants to steal a large Iranian oil tanker carrying [Continue reading…]

Al-Nusra Front Terrorists

Spain: Al-Qaeda Terrorists Remand in Custody over Syria Attacks

June 25, 2013 Arabi Souri 0

According to official sources, a court in Spain has remanded in custody eight suspected members of Al-Qaeda who are accused of sending suicide bombers / attackers to Syria in order to carry out suicide terrorist attacks against the Syrian people. The National Spanish Court in the beautiful city of Madrid [Continue reading…]