The Double Standards of FSA’s Sharia Committee, Punishing Smokers and Allowing Cannibalism

May 21, 2013 ProSyriana 0

Two men were sentenced to 50 flogging each by the Sharia Committee. The two civilians received this savage punishment because the first man’s daughter married the second man too soon after her divorce. Muslim women are supposed to wait three months after the divorce before entering another marriage. The sentence [Continue reading…]

Al Qaeda subsidiary

Syrian Opposition takes action against Terrorism and Fornication in Aleppo

May 18, 2013 Arabi Souri 1

The so-called Sharia courts in Aleppo, led by the Syrian opposition group “al Nusra Front”, have taken strong measures against terrorism and fornication. (Because people said the most Arabs don`t read so much, we say it here first: this text is irony.)


Father of Turkish Jihadist Blames Erdogan Regime for His Sons Death in Syria

March 23, 2013 Arabi Souri 0

A Turkish family received a phone call from a man in Syria informing them about the death of their son who went to Syria for Jihad against his family’s will. As the family is seen weeping in mourning, the father talks to the TV camera while primarily blaming the Erdogan [Continue reading…]