Syrian Arab Army Heroes at the Summit of Mount Hermon Jabal Al Sheikh جبل الشيخ

The Syrian Arab Army at the Summit of Mount Hermon

February 14, 2019 Arabi Souri 0

Mount Hermon and at the height of 2800 meters above sea level, in 4 meters thickness of snow you’ll only see the SAA heroes.

Syria - Largest Terrorists Army in History

The Defeat of the Largest Terrorist Army on Earth

January 7, 2019 Arabi Souri 4

The Destruction of the Largest Terrorist Gathering on Earth and the Largest Terrorist Budget in History, The Reason of The Kneeling of the Embassies at the Feet of Mount Qasioun This is a translation of an article written by Naram Sargon in Arabic: I will not just walk a [Continue reading…]