image-Syrian Arab Army SAA Tank - Syria

Exclusive Syrianews: Major Aggression Prepared by Israel – SAA Ready

May 16, 2018 Arabi Souri 6

Our sources informed us of a major military operation the Israelis plotting within 24 hours. When they warned us they said 24 hours, as we tweeted earlier. The sources not only confirmed they are anticipating the major operation and have already prepared a deterrent plan that is so intense, it’ll be [Continue reading…]

image-Gaza Massacre-Palestinian Medical Staff Evacuating a Civilian Shot by a Fighter from the IDF Terrorist Organization

The Gaza Massacre: Trump and Netanyahu Slaughter 58 Palestinians to Celebrate the Move of the US Embassy to Occupied Jerusalem

May 15, 2018 Arabi Souri 4

The Gaza Massacre: Donald Trump of the junta ruling the White House and Benjamin Netanyahu the commander of the Zionist foreign imported radical settlers to Palestine both inaugurated the move of the US embassy from one occupied Palestinian city to another by spilling the blood of hundreds of Palestinians shooting [Continue reading…]

image-Dawson Shreds AJ pro Terrorists Propaganda

Dawson Shreds Al-Jazeera Report on Yarmouk Camp, Damascus

December 18, 2016 Arabi Souri 1

Ryan Dawson, the political analyst, details the propaganda and misinformation broadcast in a report about the Yarmouk refugee camp in southern Damascus, Syria. Mr. Dawson goes on to explain how the connection between Qatar, some Saudi Arabia princes to the Muslim Brotherhood radical politial party and their militias terrorist groups [Continue reading…]

image- war criminal Shimon Peres with a US rabi

USA: Supports Terrorists and War Criminals

December 20, 2015 Arabi Souri 1

Because $9,929,315 in direct cash aid the citizens of the United States of America pay Israeli settlers Each Single Day is not enough, you can always count on willing citizens to contribute more. If this is not slavery, what is? And guess what? That’s a ‘conservative estimate’ as it’s near [Continue reading…]

Political Zionism Controls the USA

Political Zionism in the United States of America – Astounding Facts!

December 15, 2015 Arabi Souri 3

Political Zionism, a secret society advocating terror and crimes against humanity turns into a powerful group controlling nations. The following is not ‘NEWS’, it’s if we can call it ‘Olds’ but better name it: Facts that the majority of people don’t know, don’t want to know, and wouldn’t like it when [Continue reading…]

Affoula Palestinian Lady Killed in Cold Blood by Zionists

Israeli Zionist Settlers on Killing Spree in Occupied Palestine

October 9, 2015 Arabi Souri 0

Each citizen of a country that supports the occupation of Palestine should be ashamed of themselves. The illegal entity of foreign imported radical Zionist settlers are on a killing spree against Palestinians on the Palestinian own land, why? Because they can. The killing of the unarmed lady in Affoula is [Continue reading…]