SAA are flushing FSA from the sewers

Unstoppable SAA all Over Syria

June 4, 2013 Arabi Souri 4

Nobody envy NATO strategists and the western ‘think tanks’ for the miserable failure and disappointment they are living, all their dreams on winning in Syria are being trashed before their very eyes, and those who were putting conditions and insisting on a full victory against Syria are trying to find [Continue reading…]

Syria Texas

Triad of Terrorism Against Syria

May 28, 2013 Arabi Souri 4

by Miri Wood, R.N.,c. In the first two days of this week, FUKUS — France/UK/US –reminded the world of their collective, inherent insanity, continuing their attacks against Syria, and flaunting their extensive disregard for International Law as it relates to Syria. On May 27, right wing U.S. Senator and former [Continue reading…]

Northern Aleppo

Syria Updates 27 2013

May 27, 2013 Arabi Souri 2

May 27, 2013 will be mainly remembered as the day NATO sponsored ‘freedom fighters’ from Al Qaeda Levant aka FSA or Nusra Front targeted directly the TV crew of Syrian Ikhbariya news channel killing journalist Yara Abbas and injuring 2 cameramen Osama Dayoub & Badr Awad when their car was ambushed [Continue reading…]