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Trust in AlQaeda: Advice from Trump, WHO, & MSM

April 24, 2017 Paul Mansfield 0

This Khan Shekhoun stuff is getting more absurd by the day:  Trust in AlQaeda. Autopsies on people killed were done in Turkey. (Curious that’s where survivors of the Rashideen massacre were supposedly taken too). Before we get ahead of ourselves with test results, analysis of the samples and any conclusions [Continue reading…]


BBC: Apologize for Your Vile Reporting of Terrorist Attack on Syrians from Foua & Kefraya

April 20, 2017 Paul Mansfield 1

Hey BBC, when are you going to apologise for that vile disgusting article on the terrorist attack on innocent Syrians being evacuated from Foua and Kefraya? For a start, you didn’t even call it a terrorist attack. In one of the most shameful episodes of your existence you didn’t even [Continue reading…]