Sky News Team Illegally Embeds with Terrorists, Barks Criminal Lies about Syria

June 3, 2019 Miri Wood 0

Flaunting International Law with the arrogant impunity of western colonialism, a Sky News team has illegally entered Syria, embedded itself with known terrorists, and now screeches war propaganda on behalf of al Qaeda and friends of child beheaders in the S.A.R. There is an unwritten agreement among warmongering (NATO, military-industrial-complex [Continue reading…]


Erdogan Intimidating to Silence Us

May 13, 2018 Arabi Souri 2

In a desperate attempt to silence in regards with the fascist dictator of Turkey, a Turkish lawyer sent us 5 emails on the same day 09 May 2018 asking us to remove contents from our website linking Erdogan with terror. 4 emails from a law firm account: Clean Sheet [Continue reading…]

image-Syrian MP Fares Shehabi Shreds BBC Propaganda on Hard Talk

Syrian MP Fares Shehabi Pummels BBC Colonialist Sackur

April 28, 2018 Miri Wood 19

Fares Shehabi is a Member of Parliament representing Aleppo, and the Chairman of the Syrian Federation of Industry. On 27 April, he was interviewed on BBC’s HardTalk, by rabid colonialist Stephen Sackur.  Sackur rudely tossed every bit of anti-Syria propaganda at Fares Shehabi, citing sources proven to lie, in attempts [Continue reading…]

image-Abdullah Hanging out with the guys from Al-Qaeda

Hadi Abdullah the RSF Endorsed Al-Qaeda Journalist in Syria

December 27, 2017 Paul Mansfield 1

As we enter the twilight of 2017 we should remember some of the events of the past year. If we look at November, one event that stands out to me is Reporters Without Borders (RSF) trying to close down The Swiss Press Club panel discussion on the “true agenda” of [Continue reading…]

Political Zionism in the United States of America, Astounding Facts! - ignorance

“Ignorance is Strength” – Why Westerners are Blind for the Very Obvious?

August 10, 2017 Stefan Heuer 1

Dear friends in the Muslim world,  You may ask yourselves why the Western people appear so ignorant about the blatant imperialism that is performed by their nations against you and your families, homes, and nations, since decades (and centuries, even)? Of course, I can not give you a full, comprehensive [Continue reading…]


West Ignores Murder of Syrian Journalist Khaled al Khatib

July 31, 2017 Miri Wood 1

On 30 July Syrian journalist Khaled al Khatib was murdered by US backed terrorists in Homs. The 25 year old al Khatib was on assignment with RT TV, covering Syrian Arab Army operations in the eastern countryside, when his crew was hit by an anti-tank missile (a cameraman remains hospitalized). A Google of [Continue reading…]

image-Turkish Journalist & Political Analyst Hüsnü Mahalli Arrested

Husni Mahalli Turkish Career Journalist Suffering in Erdogan Custody

January 4, 2017 Arabi Souri 1

Husni Mahalli (Hüsnü Mahalli) was arrested last month in the ongoing war against media and rights in Erdoganstan (formerly known as Turkey), he’s a career journalist, an expert on Middle East and Arab-Turkish relations, an advisor to the Turkish governments including the current one before the head of the Turkish Regime [Continue reading…]