French - Belgian Wahhabi terrorist Abdul Rahman Ayachi

France: French Citizens Fighting in the Ranks of Jihadists in Syria

July 20, 2013 Arabi Souri 5

The French Interior Minister Manuel Valls confirmed in a recent interview with France 2, which was aired yesterday evening, that at least 50 French citizens are currently fighting alongside the armed terrorists in Syria and this also means that they are probably fighting in the ranks of the armed jihadists [Continue reading…]

Turkey & al-Qaeda

Iran and Turkey: Foreign Ministers talk about Syria and Egypt

July 13, 2013 Arabi Souri 0

The Foreign Minister of Iran, Ali Akbar Salehi, and his counterpart of the Turkish regime, Ahmet Davutoglu, have met and talked about regional developments and current events in the Middle East. Of course both Foreign Ministers of Iran and Turkey especially debated the topics Syria and Egypt; the Syrian conflict [Continue reading…]

Foreign powers against the Syrian people. Proxy war in Syria.

Former French Minister Dumas: West Was Preparing Attack on Syria Before Crisis Started

July 2, 2013 Arabi Souri 5

The former and known French Foreign Minister Roland Dumas has revealed in new statements about Syria, the proxy war and conflict as well as the Western intentions in the Middle East and especially in Syria, that there really was and is a plot that was devised by several Western countries [Continue reading…]

Iran / Syria

Foreign Minister Denied Claims about Iran’s Army in Damascus

June 25, 2013 Arabi Souri 0

The Syrian Foreign Minister Walid al-Moallem made it very clear in a statement from yesterday that there are no units of the Iranian military in the Syrian capital Damascus and the Foreign Minister Walid al-Moallem also said in his statement that Iran was and is always interested in a political [Continue reading…]

image-Bashar Al Assad

Syria: Assad to Stay at Post as Syrian President until 2014

May 30, 2013 Arabi Souri 0

The Syrian President Bashar al-Assad will stay at his post as the President of Syria until the end of his current term, which will end in 2014. This is what the known Syrian Foreign Minister Walid Muallem has recently told the television channel Al-Mayadeen as reply to the question about [Continue reading…]


Syria: German Foreign Minister asks Russia for Help

April 23, 2013 Arabi Souri 0

The German Foreign Minister Guido Westerwelle, known for some strange comments and propaganda statements in recent months, has made a new statement about the situation in Syria at the meeting of the NATO Foreign Ministers in the beautiful city of Brussels on Tuesday.

Russian Flag

Syria: Moscow Hopes Arab League Corrects its Position

April 23, 2013 Arabi Souri 1

Moscow hopes that the so-called League of the Arab States will soon correct its position on the situation in Syria and their handling of this topic. The Russian Deputy Foreign Minister Mikhail Bogdanov said it recently that Russia hopes the League of Arab States (LAS) will change its position and [Continue reading…]