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Jaafari to UN: Syria Will Foil Schemes of Assassins of International Law

December 16, 2018 Miri Wood 1

Syria ‘s Permanent Representative to the UN again gave lessons on diplomacy to the mass murdering clique running it, and to their terrified and obedient House Slaves. On 13 December, the usual gang of demons using expensive clothing to masquerade as human beings, held yet another in the ongoing anti-Syria [Continue reading…]


New York Times Pimps Perpetual War — Again

February 6, 2018 Miri Wood 0

On 4 February, the New York Times — which never met a war crime it did not love — ran a standard, grotesque, headline:  Thousands of ISIS Fighters Flee Syria, Many to Fight Another Day.  Its opening sentence was even more fetid, affording more insight into its fraudulent reporting, of anti-Syria propaganda.  [Continue reading…]