Syria: The Humanitarian Crisis in Sheik Maqsoud, Murder and Rape

April 1, 2013 ProSyriana 2

The humanitarian crisis in Sheik Maqsoud started more acutely two days ago. When groups that were supposedly protecting the area abandoned it. The groups were Kurds, their leadership reached a deal with Turkey. So, they left their positions allowing FSA in. This doesn’t mean that all Kurds had abandoned Syria [Continue reading…]


FSA Trying to Force Syrians into Civil Disobedience

March 30, 2013 ProSyriana 0

Early this morning, FSA opened fire on a bus in Harasta, Majed Abd Al-Rahman, a young man was killed by a shot to the head, and three were injured. Two days ago FSA took a bus on Tartous – Damascus road, kidnapped all the passengers. A few days ago, an [Continue reading…]

secular buti

FSA Killed, Beheaded Sheik Hassan Seif Addin in Aleppo

March 30, 2013 ProSyriana 3

When Sheikh Hassan Seif Addin, the Imam of AlHassan mosque, refused to call for Jihad, the FSA killed him. Later they maimed the body, beheaded him and hang the head from the minaret he used to call people for prayers from. The murder happened in Sheikh Maqsood – Aleppo. Aleppo’s [Continue reading…]


Hundreds of Cutaneous Leishmaniasis Cases Showing up in Aleppo Daily

March 28, 2013 ProSyriana 2

Street sweepers were one of FSA’s favorite victims from the start of the “revolution”. Even volunteers weren’t spared, just a couple of days ago FSA attacked a group of volunteers cleaning the streets of Aleppo and beat them up. Now garbage is piling up and with it rodents, and bugs.┬áDiseases [Continue reading…]


8 killed alnusra fsa women

March 25, 2013 ProSyriana 1

FSA groups fight over booty, trespassing of each other’s areas, and even each other’s women. According to AlKhabar Press sources, FSA member Mjed N. broke into the home of Mohamad D, one of AlNusra Front leading figures. Mjed raped Mohamad’s wife and had his friend video the incident. The wife [Continue reading…]

Sharia Committee

fsas sharia committee torturing detainees

March 24, 2013 ProSyriana 0

Even FSA’s supporters can’t any longer tolerate the sadism of the Sharia courts…


Dr. Bashar al Jaafari: Syria Requests the UN to Form a Mission to Investigate Terrorists Use of Chemical Weapons in Khan al Asal

March 20, 2013 Arabi Souri 0

The government of Syria requested that the UN Secretary-General form a specialized, independent and neutral technical mission to investigate terrorists’ use of chemical weapons in Khan al-Asal in Aleppo province, the Foreign and Expatriates Ministry said on Wednesday. The Ministry pointed out that this request affirms Syria’s commitment to uncovering [Continue reading…]