Syrian Army with Successful Military Operations in Homs and Aleppo

Syrian Army
Syrian Army

Syrian Army eliminated more terrorists in Homs, Damascus, and Aleppo.

While some units of the Syrian Arab army (SAA) have performed several military drills at a military area near the capital Damascus today, other troops of the Syrian army were able to advance in the neighbourhood of al-Khalidiya, which is located in the western city of Homs.

The units of the Syrian army were able to push back several terrorist groups in al-Khalidiya and to advance even further into the neighbourhood while carrying out some cleansing operations in the western city of Homs.

The Syrian soldiers continued the military operations in the strategically important city of Homs and were able, as mentioned, to make advances in several neighbourhoods of Homs, among them are Bab Houd as well as al-Khalidiya that is already under control of the Syrian army, according to several sources, but foreign-backed terrorists are trying to again occupy houses in al-Khalidiya – every day. The local troops of the Syrian army perform several mop-up operations inside al-Khalidiya every day.

It is even reported that some units of the Syrian Arab army (SAA) have carried out cleansing operations in the neighbourhoods of al-Qarabis, Jouret al Shiyah, and al Qusuour. There, the soldiers of the Syrian army have successfully eliminated a number of armed terrorists and were also able to destroy the weapons, ammunition, and military equipment of the foreign-supported terrorists.

Further mop-up operations by the Syrian army were carried out in the countryside of the strategic Syrian city of Homs. These military operations by the units of the Syrian army had the result that a number of terrorists were removed from Syrian soil.

Several terrorist hideouts were destroyed after the successful fights of the Syrian soldiers against the foreign-backed jihadist and terrorist groups. In addition, several terrorists were injured in the clashes in the countryside of Homs.

Similar battles took place near the Syrian capital Damascus as well as in the capital. The latest reports from Damascus say that several armed terrorists were eliminated by Syrian units in the neighbourhoods of al-Manashir and Barzeh in the capital, Damascus.

Syrian Army
Syrian Army

Some new reports arrived from the strategically important city of Aleppo (Halab) in northern Syria. According to the information, the units of the Syrian Arab army (SAA) have successfully destroyed several hideouts of the foreign-backed terrorists after intense clashes which caused heavy losses on the side of the terrorist and Islamist groups. Afterwards, the soldiers of the Syrian army have again destroyed the weapons and ammunition of the dead or injured terrorists.

After the last weeks, it seems the units of the Syrian army are still conducting mainly successful military operations against the foreign-backed gunmen, Al-Qaeda-linked groups, and Takifir terrorists who are fighting against the secular Syrian government under President Bashar al-Assad in the capital, Damascus.

All armed groups within Syrian borders have partly different aims and motivations for their armed battles against the secular Arab nation and its army. Religious fanatics, jihadists, criminals, and mercenaries.

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