Syria: “Taliban” hoist up Al-Qaeda flag at military airport Meng

Yes, indeed. The German media celebrate Al-Qaeda in Syria.
Yes, indeed. The German media celebrate Al-Qaeda in Syria.

Western media celebrates Al-Qaeda fighters in Syria.

Al-Qaeda fighters hoist up own black banner at Syrian airport and Western media celebrate Al-Qaeda – it is reminiscent of their cherishing of Osama bin Laden and Al-Qaeda some years ago. Western media have hailed these jihadists as successful rebels with close ties to Al-Qaeda.

The German political magazine “Der Spiegel” wrote about a group of jihadists, which has crucial helped in the occupation of the Syrian military airport Meng, while the German editor has successfully concealed the information about the other death squads with deep links to Al-Qaeda.

However, there is YouTube and it is sometimes really helpful to discover the truth, although the famous video platform is also used as a platform for false information and propaganda in recent years.

For example, the article(s) by the German magazine “Der Spiegel” conceal the participation of foreign battalions in the occupation of the Syrian military airport. Many of them are, for example, from Chechnya.

Here, we want to present the group of jihadists, which has been celebrated by “Der Spiegel” in Germany, a bit more in detail. The German propaganda-magazine “Der Spiegel” still refers to such groups, which are also behind such massacres as the killing of over 120 Syrians in Khan al-Assal near Aleppo, as “rebels, insurgents, opposition, and a jihadist group”.

The uploaded video of the armed jihadists presents the same guys as from the video used by the German magazine “The Spiegel” to celebrate the occupation of this military airport in Syria, just presented in a smaller version. We want, at least, present what kind of terrorists the German magazine “Der Spiegel” buckles down and even backs their crimes.

Any promotion of such human resources, while information is wilfully kept hidden, is a support, isn’t it? The German editor behind the article(s) calls these people downplaying just jihadists.

Just as it (has been?) is the case with the Muslim Brotherhood in Egypt, which was suddenly called an organization of “moderate Islamists” by Western mass media some years ago in order to support the aims of foreign powers in Egypt.

Moderate Islamists, they are just jihadists, no threats come off these twee jihadists? What’s happening in Europe? Is the European media already believing that they can favour jihadists and people do not start to ask question? Probably even true…

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