syria syria news 11 12 2012 opposition fighters in syria use anti aircraft missiles smuggled from libya

Syrian Network of Human Rights: condemn the crimes committed by the armed terrorist groups against children, warn against bringing up a generation accustomed to violance and terrorism, we call on UNICEF to condemn these crimes,
* Al-Kindi Hospital and External Road of Aleppo Airport Cleared from Terrorists
* Four Snipers Killed in Aqraba, Damascus Countryside
* Turkish and Foreign Terrorists Killed in Bustan al-Basha, Aleppo
* Popular March in al-Maadi in Aleppo Demands Expulsion of Terrorist Groups
* Churkin: Opposition Fighters in Syria Use Anti-aircraft Missiles Smuggled from Libya
* Political Crisis in Egypt Turns to a Military Crisis with Economic Repercussions
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