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Spanish Police General Commission: Jihadis Left Spain to Fight in Syria 
Jan 24, 2013

MADRID, (SANA)- The General Commissioner of the Spanish Police, Enrique Baron, revealed that a number of those whom he described as ‘jihadis’ from al-Qaeda have left Spain to fight along the armed terrorist groups in Syria and Mali.

In statements reported by the Spanish newspaper La Razon, Baron did not rule out that terrorism could take the direction of his country and threaten Russia and China as well.

The Spanish Police General Commissioner said those ‘jihadis’ receive military training in using weapons and explosives as well as in direct fighting by joining Jabhat al-Nusra, an offshoot of al-Qaeda, as it is the case in Syria.

Baron explained that the new members take a 15 day training course to carry out suicide operations to later join the ranks of what he described as the ‘jihadi factions’ that are fighting against the Syrian government.

He referred to reports which spoke of the death of no less than three terrorists during fights in Syria after leaving Spain.

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