syria saudi unemployment at 10 5 despite enormous wealth

Saudi Arabia, a family owned country sitting on one of the world’s largest riches and exports over 10 million barrels of oil per DAY, has 10.5% unemployment rate that leaves over 2 million of Saudi nationals without work. Has one of the lowest salary rates for expatriates in the world where 86% of the 8 million foreign workers do jobs not suitable for Saudis (racism?) and 68% of these foreign workers receive a monthly salary of less than SR 1,000 ($270).
Oil production by Saudi at 10 mln barrels a day (x $100/brl = $1,000,000,000/ a day)
Oil jobs in Saudi are mainly run by ARAMCO, an American state inside Saudi
One of the King’s late brothers, the former crown prince Sultan left his heirs about 1 Trillion Saudi Riyals ($ 270 Billion!!) from his hard work as a minister of defense for the past several decades, yet more than 2 million Saudi nationals don’t have work. 
Late Prince Sultan Ben Abdul Aziz, a very hardworking former crown prince,
produced tens of children, one of them is Bandar Bush!
Add to the riches, the ‘Familydom‘ oversees Muslims 2 most holy places in Mecca & Medina, which witnessed in the last Hajj (pilgrimage) near 2 million pilgrims, 1.3 million came from abroad and that by itself is enough earnings that would be a huge add to a normal budget of a country of 27 million citizens only.
Haj in Mecca
The Saudi royals, counting around 30,000 per some statistics although it would be impossible to count due to their ‘marriage & dump rates’, each receive a monthly salary of SR 25,000 to SR 60,000 commencing the date of birth depending on how close the ‘royal’ is to the father of the current king sons. Upon reaching 18, the royal would be granted (gifted, for free, doesn’t pay for..) a palace where he can start reproducing,  with cars, gardeners, maids.. 
Al Qaeda FSA, mainly Saudi fighters with Saudi money
Saudi Arabia is the biggest financier of money to the Jihadi groups infesting Syria at the orders of the Obama Administration, they contribute in tens of millions of dollars, they contribute also with men, weapons and logistics. Yet, Jihadist Al Nusra front fighting in Syria, financed by Saudis at the orders of the Obama Administration was recently listed by the USA as a terrorist group..! Its other names are Al Qaeda Levant, FSA or Free Syrian Army, in case you didn’t know.

– The above information were posted by real Syrian activists from Syria & around the world, not by western intelligent post offices duped activists.

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