Syria: Russia Warns European Union Not to Lift Arms Embargo

Russian Flag
Russian Flag

Moscow warned the European Union (EU) not to lift an arms embargo on Syria which has prevented the direct delivery of weapons to the foreign-backed terrorists and jihadists in Syria despite the French and British lobbying for the lift of the arms embargo yesterday.

The British Foreign Secretary and imperialist William Hague said recently that the Foreign Ministers of the European Union (EU), who have rejected a Franco-British proposal to finally lift and ease the arms embargo, would discuss this lift of an arms embargo again in the upcoming weeks.

Russia is strictly against the lift of the arms embargo and the direct support of the terrorists and religious fanatics who are fighting in Syria against the secular government and the Syrian Arab Army. While Moscow continues the implementation of the weapons contracts with Syria (Russia is no longer supplying Syria with weapons that could be used in the conflict), the Russian administration vehemently opposes any supplies of arms to the radical gunmen and foreign-backed groups of terrorists and jihadists in Syria.

The Russian Foreign Minister Lavrov said recently that such an embargo was unnecessary in the first place due to the reason that such supplies of weapons were prohibited by the international law – but it is clear as the sky since almost two years, at least, that some European governments do not care about international law. Not to mention the US administration and such totalitarian dictatorships like Saudi Arabia and Qatar or the Erdogan regime in Turkey.

In the opinion of the Russian Foreign Minister Lavrov, if such an embargo will be removed, the international obligations of the countries in the European Union (EU), which prohibit the delivery (supply) of weapons and ammunition to the non-government actors in Syria, are not going anywhere. Lavrov said this at a news briefing after a meeting with his Guinean counterpart recently.

While Russia is still calling for the implementation of the Geneva declaration, the US administration disagrees with this assertion by Moscow and still demands the step down of the Syrian President Bashar al-Assad. Not to mention all the secret machinations behind the curtains by some Western powers to support the terrorists – which is directly or indirectly counterproductive to decrease the bloodshed in Syria.

The Russian Foreign Minister Lavrov said also that he and U.S. Secretary of State John Kerry would discuss ways to promote a peace process in Syria at talks on the sidelines of the meeting of the Foreign Ministers (NATO countries) in Brussels today. He said that Moscow will discuss what Russia and the US administration can do to convince those who are acting counterproductive for a peace process in Syria and who block the path of the implementation of the Geneva agreements in Syria. Of course, Lavrov knows that the administration of the United States has other aims beside a real peace process for Syria.

Russia is convinced that the Western powers have not done enough to put pressure on the terrorists and gunmen in Syria to show a readiness for negotiations with the Syrian government in Damascus.

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