Syria – Al-Qabun: Subversive activities

Tunnel of the terrorists in al-Qabun, Syria
Tunnel of the terrorists in al-Qabun, Syria

A while ago someone wrote here in the Blog, as the matter of the tunnels (I think it was in Harasta at that time) arose in Syria: Come off it!

The soil would be rocky or stony, and thus, it is inconceivable that somebody is digging some tunnels around Damascus or in general in Syria.

This is long been refuted, of course. ANNA news shows us today, not the first, but one of the… longest and impressive tunnels in Syria. The tunnel is 500 meters long and located in Al-Qabun, a northeastern suburb of Damascus.

All chicaneries that you could want as a rat:

Ramifications, shooting stands, generators, tools, video monitoring – stations, mattresses with air conditioning.

This concrete tunnel leads out of Al-Qabun, directly under the M5 highway between Irbin and Harasta. The rebel bands that lived there were fumigated in the previous days (ANNA News has documented this in several parts).

Tunnel of the terrorists in al-Qabun, Syria
Tunnel of the terrorists in al-Qabun, Syria

This is interesting: even so far in the south of Syria, there is already the appearance of scribbling about “Chechens” – this is shown in the reportage.

I am not able to form any sense about this and especially about the swastika that can also be seen there. On the other hand, there were already martial inscriptions in Cyrillic letters in the Syrian city of Daraya.

Of course, this is purely a nursery against the tunnels of Củ Chi. But it proves that the terrorists were able to dig through the heart of Syria itself without being disturbed and this, at least, already for months.

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