syria journalist suheil al ali martyred after succumbing to wounds sustained from terrorists gunfire

Journalist Suheil al-Ali Martyred after Succumbing to Wounds Sustained from Terrorists’ Gunfire
Jan 04, 2013

DAMASCUS, (SANA) – Journalist Suheil al-Ali from Addouniya TV passed away on Friday, succumbing to wounds sustained four days ago when terrorists opened fire on him in Damascus countryside while on his way home from work.
A source in Addouniya TV told SANA that terrorists prevented ambulances from reaching al-Ali as he lay wounded, which caused him to lose a lot of blood before being transported to a hospital where he passed away alter.
The source denied allegations by AFP which claimed that al-Ali was martyred while covering events in Aleppo, reiterating that terrorists shot him while on his way home from work.
Throughout the course of the current events in Syria, terrorists have assassinated journalists Ali Abbas, Shukri Abu Burghol, Bassel Yousef, Mohammad al-Ashram, Maya Nasser, Ihsan al-Bunni, and Hatem Abu Yahya, among others.

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