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Ak├žakale, Turkish - Syrian borders
Ak├žakale, Turkish - Syrian borders

President of Iraqi Kurdistan: Use of all capabilities to defend the Kurds in Syria.

The President of the Iraqi Kurdistan region, Masoud Barzani, said in a new statement after a possible massacre by Al-Qaeda-linked groups against Syrian Kurds in northern Syria that he will use all capabilities to defend the Kurdish civilians and families in Syria against the threats and violence of the Syrian Al-Qaeda offshoot.

The President of the Iraqi Kurdistan region made it very clear in the new statement after the possible massacre by Al-Qaeda-linked jihadists and Islamists in northern Syria against many Kurdish civilians that he will use all means to defend the Syrian Kurds who are under a huge threat by the Syrian Al-Qaeda branch and Masoud Barzani has not excluded military options in the attempt to defend the Kurdish families against the violent jihadist groups in northern Syria.

After the Russian Foreign Minister Sergej Lavrov has condemned the massacre against many Syrian Kurds, including about 120 children, by the recently still Western-backed Al-Qaeda offshoot in Syria (e.g. the al-Nusra Front / Jabhat al-Nusra), it seems that such a gruesome massacre has actually taken place in northern Syria.

At least, the Russian Foreign Minister Sergei Lavrov called on the UN Security Council (UNSC) to condemn this massacre against innocent Kurdish civilians in Syria and to stop their policy of double-standards when it comes to the violence and horrible acts of the terrorists and jihadists on Syrian soil.

The President of the Iraqi Kurdistan region, Masoud Barzani, further said in this new statement that he wants a committee to be formed and this new committee should investigate the reports of violence and massacres against Syrian Kurds in northern Syria.

Masoud Barzani further hinted that the Iraqi Kurdistan, the autonomous region of northern Iraq, would intervene militarily to defend the Kurdish civilians and families in northern Syria in case this prevents further massacres and violence against the Syrian Kurds in the region and the autonomous region of northern Iraq has actually a well-equipped army with experiences to wage such a war against the Syrian a-Qaeda offshoot on Syrian soil.

In the statement / letter by the President of the Iraqi Kurdistan region, which had been published online on the website of the Kurdistan Regional Government (KRG) yesterday, further states that he has already told several Kurdish representatives to travel to Syria and to investigate the reports about the attacks of al-Qaeda linked armed jihadist groups against the Syria Kurds and especially to investigate the reports about the “slaughtering of innocent Kurdish women and children” by these Islamist fighters with their increasing connections to the terrorist organization of al-Qaeda.

In case that these reports about the violence and massacres of the Syrian Al-Qaeda branch against Kurdish civilians and families are true and show that the innocent Kurdish children and women are slaughtered by armed jihadist groups and are further under a huge threat from murder and terrorism by these Islamist fighters in northern Syria, the Kurdistan region of Iraq will then “make use of all its capabilities to defend women and children and innocent civilians”, according to the statements by Masoud Barzani.

Akçakale, Turkish - Syrian borders
Akçakale, Turkish – Syrian borders

Masoud Barzani especially spoke about the reports of the already mentioned very gruesome massacre earlier this week, in which 450 Kurds, including 120 innocent Kurdish children, were allegedly murdered by Al-Qaeda-linked terrorists in northern Syria.

The Iranian TV channel Al-Alam has initially reported about this gruesome massacre, perpetrated by the Syrian Al-Qaeda offshoot against Syria Kurds in northern Syria, but the report was then rejected by several sides. However, the Russian Foreign Minister Sergei Lavrov spoke in a following press event about this massacre and his statement implied that the gruesome massacre might have really happened against so many Kurdish civilians in northern Syria.

At least, these Al-Qaeda-linked jihadist fighters were capable of doing something gruesome like such a massacre against many civilians, including about 120 children and over 200 Kurdish women.

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