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Syria: Homs in front of the complete liberation from terrorism


The Syrian city of Homs is on the verge of complete liberation from terrorism. The Syrian army is currently moving forward from different sides into the remaining small residual area of the terrorist groups from the former terrorist stronghold in the northern center of the city of Homs.

According to reports by the Syrian media, the Syrian army has, among other things, taken over the control of the garden that is located directly in front of the Khalid Bin Al-Walid Mosque yesterday.

This is not only significant because the mosque is regarded as the headquarters of the terrorists in Homs. It is even more importantly, that this mosque is the only connection between the terrorist areas of the old town of Homs and the areas of the militants, which are located in the northern centre of the city.

Should the Syrian army be able to liberate this mosque in the next few hours or days, so the already small insurgency area in the city of Homs is divided into two unconnected parts, each just a few hundred meters wide and long strip.

These small areas, where only a few hundred civilists are still there as it is said, the Syrian army would be able to crush the pockets of terrorists one ofter the other – if the terrorists will not capitulate as they did in al-Qusair (al-Qusayr) and Tal Kalakh previously because of their hopelessness. At the sides of the still active terrorists in the Syrian city of Homs, there is already a great frustration given their inevitable situation to be defeated soon.


The leadership of the terrorists in Turkey is not able to send reinforcement for the terrorists in the Syrian city of Homs due of the situation that the Syrian borders to Lebanon were finally secured in recent weeks.

The only thing that the leadership of the terrorists in Turkey has achieved in terms of the Syrian city of Homs is to impose a “starvation blockade” with the help of the freshly delivered weapons by NATO on the access roads around the Syrian metropolis Aleppo (Halab), which is located near the Syrian border to Turkey, and thus, the terrorists force the Syrian army to use more resources to ensure the safety and supply of the population of Aleppo.

But this inhuman tactics by the NATO-guided terrorists will foreseeable have no success, because it leads strategically to the point that the wrath of the starving population continues to grow on the terrorists.

Source: nocheinparteibuch