Syria: UN Chemical Weapons Investigations in Khan al-Assal


Syria allows UN chemical weapon investigators to check 3 locations.

The Syrian officials in the capital Damascus have agreed to let 3 different locations undergo the investigation by a team of chemical weapons experts from the United Nations (UN) in order to find out whether chemical weapons were already used in the Syrian conflict in the last two years.

While the United Nations (UN) even seem to hope to find samples and evidence that proves the use of chemical weapons by the Syrian Arab army (SAA), it is already proven that the foreign-backed terrorists have used sarin nerve gas in an attack on Syrian civilians and soldiers in Khan al-Assal (near the Syrian city of Aleppo) some months ago – before the foreign-supported terrorists have massacred over 120 civilians, including some military personal, in the same Syrian city.

According to the press office of the UN Secretary-General Ban Ki-moon, the chemical weapons experts of the United Nations will travel as soon as possible to Syria in order to carry out the contemporaneously investigation of three locations from which incidents of the use of chemical weapons have been reported. This includes the Syrian city of Khan al-Assal near the former economic centre of Syria, Aleppo (Halab).

After Russian experts have found first-hand evidence of the use of sarin nerve gas in the attack by terrorists against Syrian civilians and soldiers in Khan al-Assal (in March 2013) and they have handed over the evidence as well as the samples from the location of attack into the hands of the United Nations (UN), the UN has been very silent about these samples and the evidence found by Russian experts until now. In addition, the UN chemical weapons experts will themselves explore the location of attack in Khan al-Assal, which is the same location where armed and foreign-supported terrorists have massacred over 100 Syrians just some days ago.

And thus, the foreign-backed terrorists have again perpetrated a horrible massacre on Syrian soil and Western governments were so far not able to condemn such a horrible massacre, carried out by their supported terror groups between the borders of Syria. Russia, Iran, and other governments have already strongly condemned the next massacre of the foreign-backed terrorists in Khan al-Assal.

It is so far not known which other locations will be investigated by the UN chemical weapon experts beside the city of Khan al-Assal near the embattled city of Aleppo. The access for such an investigation of several locations on Syrian soil was a subject of the discussions between the Syrian government in Damascus and the UN chemical weapons inspector Ake Sellstrom as well as the UN disarmament chief, Angela Kane. The two UN officials stayed in the Syrian capital last week in order to negotiate with the Syrian officials about the allowance for UN chemical weapon experts to carry out an investigation of the alleged use of chemical weapons in the Syrian conflict.

As mentioned, Russian experts have already found evidence of the use of sarin nerve gas by terrorists in an attack against Syrian civilians and soldiers in Khan al-Assal and the experts from Russia have handed over their findings to the United Nations (UN) about three weeks ago.

Massacre in Khan al-Assal (Source: SANA)
Massacre in Khan al-Assal (Source: SANA)

Thus, the claims of the Syrian government in the capital Damascus that the foreign-supported terrorists on Syrian soil have already used chemical weapons is no claim anymore but a fact as the results of the investigation by Russian experts were published. The Russian experts have submitted their analysis and results of the investigation of samples taken in the west of Aleppo (Khan al-Assal) to the United Nations (UN) but the UN stayed silent about it until now. Instead, officials from the United Nations still call it a claim that the Syrian government says, terrorists have already used chemical weapons on Syrian soil. Very confusing, isn`t it?

When there is first-hand evidence, as the evidence has been even called by Russian officials, the use of chemical weapons (sarin nerve gas) by terrorists in an attack near Aleppo cannot be still just a claim. Russia’s Foreign Minister Sergey Lavrov said some weeks ago that the Russian experts submitted all documents and results of the investigation of samples from the location of attack (Khan al Assal) to the United Nations (UN), including pictures, precise geographic coordinates, and over 80 pages with every detail about the investigation and results.

Meanwhile, the officials of the United Nations (UN) have stated that they have received about 13 reports of alleged use of chemical weapons on Syrian soil and it is to assume that the UN officials hope that there is some evidence for the use of chemical weapons by the Syrian Arab army (SAA), of course. Some even think that the UN might even invent some hardly convincing facts for the use of chemical weapons by the Syrian army. This remains to be seen.

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  1. In my opinion, the UN will find whatever Washington tells it to find; if that is too blatant, then the UN findings will be ‘inconclusive’. The UN inspection team will, of course, immediately forward details of SAA disposition which it sees to Washington so the swine can be told where SAA units are, and are not, in the immediate area of the inspection sites.