syria breaking news update december 27 2012


Damascus countryside: 11 armed men were killed near al-Nahda company in Hijjer

December 27, 2012   4:00 PM

Damascus countryside: Syrian Army killed 7 of the gunmen near Ibn al-Walid mosque in Hijjera

December 27, 2012   3:57 PM

Hama: many armed men, including the leader Abed al-Katini were killed due to the armed conflicts with the Syrian Army in Murk

December 27, 2012   2:02 PM

Our reporter: the majority of the victims are students, where the blast took place in al-Naher street of Sabena

December 27, 2012   11:25 AM

Damascus countryside : 4 civilians martyrs and 10 injuries are the toll of a booby-trapped car blast in Sabena

December 27, 2012   11:24 AM

Sky News :Brahimi leaves Damascus to Beirut.

December 27, 2012   10:38 AM

Russia Today: Russian warships are training for terrorism combat close to Syrian coast

December 27, 2012   10:25 AM

Our reporter in Homs: An explosive charge was dismantled by Syrian Army in the tunnel of al-Baath University

December 27, 2012   9:57 AM

Our correspondent in Homs: the death of “Islam’s Armor” battalion leader Muhammad Noor al-Kabji in al-Qusair

December 27, 2012   9:51 AM

Al-safer a Syrian sources: Brahimi has denied presenting any completed Russian – American compact

December 27, 2012   8:33 AM

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