syria breaking news update december 15 2012


Damascus Countryside: Fadi Bakkour and Yusuf al-Jaber, the leaders of two armed groups, have been killed in Harasta orchards

December 15, 2012   7:25 PM

Damascus Countryside: the militants Alaa Yahia and Muhammad al-Qarah have been killed at al-Zaitoun roundabout of Daria

December 15, 2012   7:22 PM

An official military source denies taking control over Hanano Barrack by armed rebels in Aleppo

December 15, 2012   7:16 PM

Anwar Raja to Breaking News Network: the news about al-Yarmouk Camp are totally false and they are part of the psychological war

December 15, 2012   5:04 PM

Our correspondent: the news, published by al-Arabia TV, about taking control over al-Yarmouk Camp by militants, are false

December 15, 2012   5:02 PM


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