syria breaking news update december 13 2012


Our reporter: more than 100 of the gunmen were killed in clashes around the signal zone

December 13, 2012   10:58 AM

Our reporter in Damascus Countryside: the Syrian Army confronts an armed attack on the signal zone in Tal Kurdi

December 13, 2012   10:56 AM

Our correspondent in Damascus Countryside: the blast in Qatana left 16 martyrs and 25 injuries, some of them are women and children

December 13, 2012   10:39 AM

Al-Mayadeen: an armed group threatens to target the Iranian, Russian and Ukrainian residents in Syria

December 13, 2012   9:03 AM

Our correspondent in Damascus Countryside: an explosion hits al-Nabee area of Qatana, what resulted in deaths and injuries

December 13, 2012   9:02 AM

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