syria breaking news update december 11 2012 2


The electricity manager in Edlib: we are working on preparing the 66 line to return the electricity to the city

December 11, 2012   1:22 PM

Our correspondent in Damascus Countryside: 23 militants were killed in clashes with with the Syrian Army in Haran al-Awamid

December 11, 2012   11:50 AM

The Independent: the leader of British Army met with his counterparts of France, Turkey and Qatar about Syria

December 11, 2012   10:33 AM

Our correspondent in Damascus Countryside: 4 snipers have been killed near al-Dwalia school at Aqraba junction

December 11, 2012   10:10 AM

Al-Watan quoting an official source: the Patriot is a Turkish move to magnetize the NATO in Syria

December 11, 2012   8:58 AM

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