Syria: Bomb Attack in Mleiha

Syria: Bomb attack in al-Mleiha
Syria: Bomb attack in al-Mleiha

A new bomb attack, carried out by the foreign-backed terrorists in Syria, has injured many Syrian people in the town of al-Mleiha, which is located near the Syrian capital of Damascus. The bomb explosion in the Syrian town of al-Mleiha has left a lot of people injured and some of them are still in a very critical condition.

The bomb attack targeted a military checkpoint of the Syrian Arab Army yesterday. But as usual, the foreign-backed thugs, terrorists and also religious radicals of the so-called “Free Syrian Army” (FSA) and the radical Islamist forces like the al-Nusra Front (American al-Qaeda) did not care about killing Syrian civilians as well by their terrorist attacks on checkpoints, state buildings, bridges or even near schools in the Syrian capital city Damascus.

Beside this bomb attack by the foreign-backed militants and jihadists in the Syrian town of al-Mleiha, another group of armed terrorists has fired about three mortar shells into the famous neighborhood of Barzeh in Damascus. This attack on the inhabitants of Barzeh killed two young Syrian girls and injured eight other civilians, among the injured Syrian civilians are also children.

Syria: Bomb attack in al-Mleiha
Syria: Bomb attack in al-Mleiha

Two other mortar shells, fired by a group of militants, have hit the vicinity of the known Islamic school in Harasta, which is also located near the Syrian capital of Damascus. Due to this attack by the foreign-backed militants about five Syrian civilians were injured. One can just hope that all the injured civilians will survive finally and that these radical groups of terrorists and jihadists stop their attacks on civilians and that the Western media and politicians finally stop to cover all the (war) crimes by these terrorist groups and religious fanatics.

At least, an unit of the Syrian Arab Army was able to remove dozens of armed terrorists near the Syrian capital city Damascus during the continued mop-up operations by the army in the outskirts around Damascus. As reported, the Syrian Arab Army was also able to clean some important areas near the Syrian city of Homs in the recent days.

Some other troops of the Syrian army were able to destroy a lary convoy of munitions which came from Turkey and was destined for some radical groups on Syrian soil in the northwestern province of Idlib (Idleb).

Another prove that the Turkish Erdogan regime is involved in the terrorism and crimes in Syria – beside the two totalitarian dictatorships Qatar and Saudi Arabia and some Western governments.

The West and its regional allies, although the regional allies are such human rights abusers like Qatar and Saudi Arabia (or such journalist arresters like Turkey), are supporting the armed jihadists and terrorist groups since the beginning of this conflict in Syria. Due to this situation, the Western governments, as well as the two Gulf States, have already a lot of Syrian blood on their hands, while they violate international law on a daily base.

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