syria 15 people injured in car bomb blast in al inshaat neighborhood in homs city

15 People Injured in Car Bomb Blast in al-Inshaat Neighborhood in Homs City

Dec 07, 2012

HOMS, (SANA)- Terrorists on Friday blew up a car bomb near Qubbaa Mosque in al-Inshaat neighborhood in the city of Homs, causing injuries and material damage in the site.

A source in the province told SANA reporter that 15 people got injured by the explosion and were admitted to al-Amin Hospital.

Governor of Homs, Ahmad Munir Mohammad, said in a statement to SANA that this terrorist bombing is the second of its kind to take place in Homs neighborhoods.

He added that these bombings are carried out by al-Qaeda-linked terrorist groups and aimed to disrupt the state of safety and stability enjoyed by the residents of Homs city.

Governor Mohammad stressed that the security authorities, with the help of the Syrian Arab Army, will remain the fortified shield protecting the homeland and citizens.

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