suicide bomber blur conclusion

The suicide bomber who blew himself up in Haret Hreik on Thursday, killing and injuring dozens of innocent citizens, is likely from the northern region of Akkar Lebanon , media reported on Friday.

An identification card was found on Friday among the debris of shops and cars destroyed by Thursday blast. The card belongs to Qutaiba al-Satem, 19 years old, from Wadi Khaled who was reported missing 5 days before the explosion.

Meanwhile, al-Manar website correspondent quoted security sources as saying that the suicide bomber turned twice in the area of the explosion in a bid to park the stolen  car there.

The bomber blew himself up, after he failed to park the car, the correspondent added.

Also on Friday, government commissioner to the Military Tribunal, Judge Saqr Saqr came to the area of the attack to inspect the blast scene.

However he said that the experts tasked with probing the blast were still working, noting that the investigations have not been finished yet.

But still theories are popping :the first one states that the suicide bomber was targeting the building where Hezbollah’s mps gather usually but he got lost and decided to detonate the car in the middle of the street.the other theory says that he wanted to park and detonate the car from a distance and when people gather he would explode between the gathered people causing a biger death toll .

The truth is still blur and  no final conclusion is confirmed till now.

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