SAA Killed a Large Number of Obama Thugs Today

SAA Removes FSA
SAA Removing Al Qaeda FSA

Throughout the country, the Syrian Armed Forces from the SAA, NDF, Syria Resistance, Kurdish Protection Committees, Baath Brigades, and local volunteers have scored high among the herds of Obama thugs today, while Syrian security and policemen keep their watchful eyes after sleeping cells, criminal gangs and death squads.

Today wasn’t a good day for Obama and his evil team self-proclaimed the ‘international community’, the community sponsoring the Wahhabi terrorist thugs in Syria were served multiple blows by the Syrians, and the following is just a brief of the operations and the tolls.

Damascus countryside: Syrian Arab Army units regain full control over Buweida town southwest of Sayyedah Zainab area, after regaining Hussayniyeh and Dhiabiyeh.

An SAA unit battling the terrorists in Damascus countryside discovers a 200 meters long tunnel, 15 meters depth, underneath Damascus – Homs international highway, equipped with ventilation and lighting. Terrorists were using it for their living, moving and storing weapons and munition.

The operations in Jobar and Zamalka in its surrounding continues, the infestation by terrorists of the area is very dense.

Obama, Kerry and their stooges had high hopes to attack the Syrian capital Damascus by concentrating thousands of terrorists from their highly trained death squads around the city. Around 4,500 of those terrorists were eliminated in a preemptive operation by the Syrian Arab Army just before the chemical craze in August as we reported then.

Ragga: A qualitative series of operations carried out by the SAA led to restoring control over Sugar factory and the grains and mills compound, parts of the cotton dryer and cotton factory. Scores of terrorists were eliminated. Western propagandists and their regional allies continue to paint Ragga province as totally out of the control of the Syrian government, while such battles carried out by the SAA proves their propaganda doesn’t last much.

Hassakeh: Activists reported the annihilation of a large number of terrorists from the ISIS, a branch of the FSA that turned against their command as they claim. The terrorists were killed by the Kurdish local protecting committees.

Aleppo and its countryside: What’s going on in the southern countryside of Aleppo is coming as a surprise to all military and political observers especially the western strategists and analysts working against the Syrian state. After the liberation of the strategic town Khanaser last week, the SAA continued in more than an axis and managed to lay a siege against terrorists in Kharbarash and Abu Jrin towns near Sfeira. Once these are liberated, the road will be paved and open for the SAA to reach Aleppo from the south and the countdown for cleaning the Syrian economic capital will commence.

Financial shutdown in the USA doesn’t affect financing terror abroad
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