SAA Around and Inside Rastan – Homs Countryside

Rastan city in Homs countryside
Rastan city in Homs countryside

The stronghold of Tlass family, Rastan (ar-Rastan) city, is high on the priorities list for the Syrian Arab Army to liberate to continue cleaning the central Syria from the NATO-backed Wahhabi terror and the Wahhabi cannibal sex-jihadists.

As the NATO-backed mercenaries are losing their battles all over the country they are resorting to more suicide bombing and shelling residential neighborhoods with mortar shells provided by western governments and paid for mainly by US taxpayers and other blood-thirsty western taxpayers, the result is killing tens of civilians in such attacks, while their sponsors, namely Kerry from the US regime, Cameron and his mouthpiece Hague from the UK regime and the all the French politicians keep threatening Syrians with more violence if the Syrians do not surrender and handover their country to the western puppets.

 Meanwhile, the Syrians have no alternative than fight the war battle waged against them all over their country, with their army and other armed forces and with their outstanding withstanding and patience.

Rastan city in Homs countryside
Rastan city in Homs countryside

20 kilometers north of Homs and 21 kilometers south of Hama, Rastan city is a very important chapter in restoring peace and eliminating terrorists from their cities. With its 85,000 inhabitants (2011 estimates), the city was always under the eyes of the SAA, the Syrian Arab Army and its command.

Again, opposite to what western mainstream media and their regional parrots claim, the SAA’s presence is everywhere, in Rastan on its outskirts and inside the city, SAA posts and checkpoints are surrounding the terrorists from spreading their terror outside and from growing.

The following report by Lebanese pan Arab news channel Al-Mayadeen from the city explains more: (watch on YouTube)

The Tlass family should have a chapter in history books for their own, either on their elder Lt. General Mustapha Tlass, the former longest serving minister of defense, or for the one of the most corrupt businessmen in modern history of Syria, his elder son Feras, known to be a womanizer with plenty of money to spend, especially after his adoption of the riots. Or the Feras’s younger brother Manaf Tlass, who fled Syria a while ago. Their cousin Abdul Razzak, a commander in the criminal gang known as the FSA and its very infamous Farouq Brigades, which the cannibal Abu Saqqar, the terrorist who ate the heart of the killed Syrian soldier on cam is one of its commanders as well.

The following report by the Saudi owned Al-Arabiya news channel exposes Feras and Manaf roles in aiding their cousin starting the riots in Rastan city at the very beginning of the Syrian crisis, when the Syrian president Dr. Bashar Al-Assad entrusted Manaf to see the demands of his city and instead of resolving it, the former brigadier in the SAA Republican Guards, Manaf Tlass, opened the his unit’s weapons depots to the terrorists not caring their first victims were his own people in Rastan or his own colleagues in the Republican Guards, at least 11 of them were ambushed and lynched by herds of hundreds of terrorists smuggled from Lebanon back then.

Al-Arabiya report was supposed to boost the image of the Tlasses among the terrorists thinking they are winning, but exposed their treason with its prematurely release. Watch and pay a careful attention to what the Tlasses did to their city, their country and to the heritage of their own father: (watch on YouTube – you might need to turn cc on and watch on desktop or laptop for English subtitles)

Keep in mind that Lt. General Talal Tlass, another cousin of Tlasses is the current deputy minister of defense in Syria, not everybody is a traitor and that’s why we never generalize.

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