Russia Finished Large Manoeuvres in the Black Sea

Russian Flag
Russian Flag

Russia finished the large manoeuvres in the Black Sea. The Russian President Vladimir Putin had surprisingly arranged larger manoeuvres of the Russian marine in the Black Sea, and thus the Russian warships of the Black Sea Fleet have carried out some large manoeuvres in the last days.

The large manoeuvres of the Russian Black Sea Fleet were completed yesterday and they ended with target practice as it was stated in a statement by the Russian Defense Ministry on Saturday. The statement of the Russian Defense Ministry said that the warships of the Black Sea Fleet have completed the main tasks of the unscheduled review of the readiness for combats of the Russian military in the south and that the main tasks have, as mentioned, ended with target practice.

According to the statement of the Russian Defense Ministry, large amphibious ships of the Russian marine were part of these combat exercises at the Black Sea. For example, the large amphibious ships were used to train the landing of the Russian marine landing forces on the non-upgraded coast near Opuk in Feodosiya, where a training area of the Russian military is located.

Also the Russian Air Forces were a part of these suddenly announced combat training for the Russian Black Sea Fleet. Su-24 assault aircraft of the Russian Air Forces took part as a support from the air, as it was mentioned by the statement of the Russian Defense Ministry, too.

On Thursday, the Russian President Vladimir Putin had ordered the beginning of such a practice manoeuvre of the Black Sea Fleet while he was on his way back from the BRICS summit in South Africa.

About 7,000 Russian soldiers, 30 ships, 50 artillery unites of various purposes, 250 armoured vehicles and about 20 combat aircrafts and helicopters took part in this suddenly announced training for the Russian Black Sea Fleet. Also some paratroopers, rapid reaction forces and even some Russian special forces were part of this combat training in the last days.

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