real news from syria the guardian us citizen who fought in libya turns up in aleppo

The Guardian: US Citizen Who Fought in Libya Turns up in Aleppo           
The British newspaper The Guardian unveiled that an American, called Matthew VanDyke, who fought within the ranks of the armed militias in Libya turned up in Aleppo, north of Syria, and joined the armed terrorist groups there, claiming, though, to be filming a documentary.
In an article published on Friday, the newspapers said VanDyke, who fought alongside the armed Libyan militias against the government forces in Libya, “and who was detained in Tripoli’s Abu Salim prison for six months before returning home to Baltimore in late 2011,” has turned up in Aleppo within the ranks of the armed terrorist groups there.
VanDyke who claimed that he was just a journalist, admitted, according to the article, that “he is also advising the rebels on weaponry based on his experience in Libya.”
He claimed that he had already been asked to fight on behalf of the Free Syrian Army, acknowledging that “he was also offering advice on weaponry, including the anti-aircraft Dushka machine guns he used while fighting in Libya.”
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