On Easter Sunday, President & Mrs. Assad Visit Wounded Christine Hourani

Christine Hourani, before the besieged moderates of Eastern Ghouta bombed Bab Touma & caused her leg to be amputated.

President Assad and First Lady Asma Assad visited student Christine Hourani at her home, on Easter Sunday.  Christine was among twenty-one injured on 22 January.  On this date, the besieged terrorists of Eastern Ghouta fired mortars and missiles into Bab Touma neighborhood of Damascus. 

The besieged savages timed their atrocities to coincide with the end of the school day, and most of the 9 martyred were students.  A school principal was murdered, as was a 3 year old baby, but msm chose to report on a fake ‘gas attack,’ instead of the slaughter.  Surgeons had tried to save both of Christine’s legs.

They succeeded in saving one.

President & Mrs. Assad visited Christine Hourani on blessed Easter. Christine was seriously wounded by terrorist bombs fired from Eastern Ghouta, 21 January.

President Assad and our First Lady visited this beautiful young girl, this pure angel the day of blessed Easter, because our president is a real father and brother of all Syrians.

Afraa Dagher

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