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McCain the Kidnapper

US loose senator John McCain in a memorial picture with the kidnappers of Lebanese men

The loose US senator John McCain, the pit bull, the mad dog, the warmonger, bloodthirsty, ex POW by the people he was Napalming, when messing with the Syrian crisis just earned a new title by the profession course he follows: McCain the Kidnapper. On 22 May 2012, more than one year ago a group of FSA terrorists stopped a bus of Lebanese pilgrims on their way back from visiting Shiite holy shrines in Iraq through Syria near Azaz city, north of Aleppo. They released the women and children and kept the men claiming at first they’re Hizbullah fighters, yes, one year ago and 11 months before any interference of Hizbullah in Qussayr countryside battles.

image-John McCain with Terrorists kidnapped Lebanese pilgrims in Syria
US Senator John McCain with Syrian FSA commander Salim Idris and terrorists responsible for kidnapping Lebanese pilgrims in Syrian border town of Bab al-Salam, near Turkey on 27 May 2013

13 men were kept, 2 managed to escape later on, 2 were released after Turkish Muslim Brotherhood, the main sponsor of terror in the region, interfered, and till date 9 men are still held kidnapped under gun point. A number of western allied media outlets met the group kidnapping the Lebanese men and met the men themselves after Turkish intelligence apparatus known for their loyalty to Turkish prime minister Erdogan facilitated the meetings and interviews.

Turkey officially denies any responsibility in the kidnapping or influence it can practice on the kidnappers till date..! The families of the kidnapped Lebanese men noticed in one of the pictures the US loose senator McCain took during his illegal entry to Syria he’s surrounded by members of the same group who kidnapped them. The following report by Lebanese Jadeed TV explains more:

Here’s the video on Facebook, in case BitChute doesn’t work for whatever reason:

Kidnapper would be the least crime this loose US senator is labelled, one can’t but wonder what kind of fate would the United States of America have if this schmuck was ‘elected’ to office, not that Obama is better, in any case, the latter is the first US president to authorize killing own people, US citizens inside the USA and abroad without trial, but at least Obama doesn’t show pictures of himself with criminals that obvious.

Syrian activists launched a campaign on social media calling for the arrest of the loose US senator and bringing him to trial, the below picture is from the campaign, besides the petition on the White House website.

Part of the Syrian activists’ campaign to arrest the loose US senator