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Foreign powers against the Syrian people. Proxy war in Syria.
Foreign powers against the Syrian people. Proxy war in Syria.

The former US Marine, Ken O’Keefe, said in a new interview (from yesterday) with Press TV that a foreign military intervention in Syria could trigger the next World War (WWIII) due to the situation that Russia will probably get militarily involved in this conflict about Syria.

Ken O’Keefe, the former US Marine, further said in his interview with Press TV that Moscow would probably not remain indifferent in regards of a military intervention in Syria and thus, the attack against the Arab nation by foreign powers or even by NATO forces.

The former US Marine, Ken O’Keefe, further stated in this interview that Russia has made its stance very clear and that it is certain that they would not only play the role of viewers in terms of a possible military intervention in Syria. Ken O’Keefe also underlined his statements with the sentence that Moscow will not allow that “another country gets bombarded and effectively raped and pillaged in terms with the empires’ designs”.

In terms of the probably horrible results of any military intervention in Syria or the attack against the Syrian nation by foreign powers, the former US Marine, Ken O’Keefe, said that a third World War (WWIII) would even be possible if someone starts to think about the situation of a military intervention in Syria and the possible reactions by Russia. The former US Marine further stated that a military intervention could be carried out by foreign powers with the use of “some high-tech weapons, secretly weapons and whatnot” and that Moscow will not only stay a viewer of such an event of a military intervention in Syria by Western or Arab forces.

For the former US Marine, the bottom line is very clear, according to his interview with Press TV from yesterday. Ken O’Keefe is sure about the situation that “we are attempting the third world war” in case of any military intervention in Syria or an attack against Syria by foreign powers.

The Russian President Vladimir Putin had once again warned against any attempts of a foreign military intervention in Syria or a direct military attack against the Arab nation. The Russian President also said on June 4, that “such a move is doomed to fail” and many analysts consider this statement as a direct warning for several Western and Arab powers.

Foreign powers against the Syrian people. Proxy war in Syria.
Foreign powers against the Syrian people. Proxy war in Syria.

Already in April, the Russian Foreign Minister Sergei Lavrov has also warned Western powers against the attempts to overthrow the Syrian government in the capital Damascus and to topple the Syrian President Bashar al-Assad. The Russian Foreign Minister Sergei Lavrov said in April that there are several governments and some outside players that still believe that they should use all means to topple the Syrian government in the capital, Damascus.

The former US Marine, Ken O’Keefe, added as closing remarks to his interview with Press TV from yesterday, that the people who are in power are also the ones who “are pulling the strings for the Third World War (WWIII)”.

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  1. I heard the interview (video, on Press TV), and could fault none of his conclusions. His opponent in the ‘debate’ did not sound in the least credible, relying much more on personal attacks against Mr. O’Keefe than upon verifiable date, also relying upon exploded Washington ‘official’ stances regarding a broad range of subjects. This opponent made much of the ‘abandonment’ of Tartus by the Russian Navy when, according the Russians they had withdrawn the military personnel from Tartus, replacing them with civilian contractors. Possible, I suppose, but Russia has, in the area, the new Mediterranean Fleet, all new ships and not very subject to breakdown, plus the UnRep ships needed to keep a fleet at sea and combat effective for an extended period of time. As to the ‘civilian contractors’, there was a buzz a while back that the 42nd Motor Rifle Division had been deployed to Syria, but nobody seems to know where the 42nd hangs its collective hat these days. I’d not make a wager that the Russians are ‘playing possum’, but I’d not bet against it, either. Then we have the Iranians who, reportedly (some time ago) brought construction crews and materie; into Lattakia for the purposes of constructing an Iranian naval base there, I think it’s a very good time for the Chicken Hawks to lay down and shut up. You don’t know what a chicken hawk is? That’s a politician who’s really hot for war, but has no intention of risky his or her own precious hide. We’ve had enough of that in the States – – “We’re going to war! Follow THOSE GUYS.”