Lebanon: Situation in Tripoli Stays Violent

Al-Nusra Front Terrorists
Al-Nusra Front Terrorists

Politics in the Lebanese city of Tripoli are degrading to a level that has possibly never been reached anytime and anywhere in history, at least in recent history. And very recently, the lynch mob mentality has stooped to a very appalling and unprecedented level to say the least.

A man, who is reported to be an Alawi Syrian, was arrested by some thugs either belonging to a Salafi group or some other group all of whom are under the Future 14 of March banner and leadership, stripped stark naked, had the following words written on his chest: “I am a Nsaïri (a derogatory way to describe an Alawi) and a Shabbiha”. A rope was put around his neck, his hands were tied together.

He was dragged into the streets via the rope around his neck, and he was beaten, kicked, spat on and humiliated. Some by-passers partook in the ritual while others watched him as if he was some alien, perhaps trying to find out what an Alawi looked like, and others just saw what was happening and kept silent.

The man was later on taken into a Police station and was kept as a suspect by the Police who, according to the report, thanked those who have undertaken the duty of civil arrest.
Tripoli is digging a gigantic hole for itself. This city that has surrendered its affairs to Hariri and his thugs is in for big trouble.

Deeds of this sort do not go unpunished, and this city is asking for big punishment. It needs a massive clean up.

Shame on the honest people of Tripoli who are allowing thugs to rule them. Shame on the people of Tripoli who are voting in Hariri thugs into parliament. Shame on the sectarian leaders of Tripoli who are endorsing and encouraging sectarianism and more of it. Shame shame shame.

More about this horrible event and the acts of this Salafi group in dangerous was published in Arabic language by the Al-Akhbar newspaper:


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