Lebanon Adopting a Policy of Disassociation Regarding the Crisis in Syria

Mar 16, 2013

BEIRUT, (SANA)- Lebanese President Michel Sleiman reiterated his country’s commitment to the policy of “neutrality and disassociation” regarding the events in Syria.

President Suleiman remarks came at a press conference in Senegal regarding the situation on the Syrian-Lebanese borders and the letter of the Syrian Foreign and Expatriates Ministry sent to the Lebanese government last Thursday in this regard.

He added that Lebanon has adopted the policy of disassociation and to refrain from any involvement in the crisis in Syria which was clearly announced in Baabda declaration, and that Lebanon has adopted this stance at the Arab League (AL), the UN Security Council and at all international circles and conferences.

Sleiman asserted that according to the declaration, Lebanon would not allow to make its land a passage of arms and gunmen across its borders or establishing military and security bases for the gunmen on its territories.

He stressed the role of the Lebanese army in preventing any violation of Baabda declaration, saying “We are responsible for preventing the flow of weapons and gunmen across the borders with Syria.”

Lebanese Foreign Minister: Controlling Borders

Foreign and Expatriates Minister Adnan Mansour called on the Lebanese government to prevent the armed groups from using the borders with Syria as a base for military operation against it.

“I presented a copy of the letter sent by the Syrian Foreign Ministry to Lebanon to President Michel Sleiman while we were in Cote D’lVoir on the gunmen’s infiltration from Lebanon to attack the Syrian army in order to take suitable response,” Mansour said in a speech to As-safir newspaper published in Saturday.

“The Lebanese security and military forces have to control the borders to prevent the flow of gunmen and weapons into Syria in light of agreements signed between Syria and Lebanon in 1991,” Mansour added.

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