Iran: Syria Will Give a Firm Response to Potential Military Attack

Iran / Syria
Iran / Syria

Military Attack on Syria: “Response by Syrian Army would shock the world.”

The Iranian lawmaker, Vahid Ahmadi, who is a member of the National Security and Foreign Policy Committee of Iran’s Majlis, said in new statements in regards of the increased rhetoric of war by France and the United States against the Syrian government in Damascus that the response of the Syrian Arab Army (SAA) would be firm and even “would shock the world.”

However, while it is not quite clear what the Iranian lawmaker means by that, one has immediately the Israeli regime in Tel Aviv in mind and the recent statements by Iranian and Syrian officials that Israel would be faced with an attack if Washington starts its airstrikes on Damascus.

Vahid Ahmadi, a member of the National Security and Foreign Policy Committee of Iran’s Majlis, further said in his new remarks in terms of the potential war on Syria that there is no possibility that the Syrian government and the Syrian Arab Army (SAA) made use of chemical weapons against Syrian civilians. The Iranian lawmaker further pointed out that the Syrian military will “definitely give a firm response” to any military attack on Damascus by Western forces.

The Iranian lawmaker, Vahid Ahmadi, also pointed out that the Syrian Army has managed it so far to counter the interference and the scenarios by the West and the reactionary Arab countries and even maintained the Syrian territorial integrity in the last 28 months will certainly also be able “to thwart different plots.”

Afterwards, the Iranian official said that the response by the Syrian Arab Army (SAA) to a possible military strike by the West “would shock the world,” as mentioned. One may think about this statement what one wants, but it seems clear that even the Iranian lawmaker had Israel in mind when he made this remark.

Iran / Syria
Iran / Syria

The Iranian lawmaker, Vahid Ahmadi, went on and said in his new statements in terms of Syria and the Western intention for a war against Damascus that the accusations against the President of Syria, Bashar al-Assad, in regards of the alleged use of chemical weapons are merely aimed to increase the pressure on the Syrian government. The same probably also applies on the sudden announcement that the inspectors of the UN will leave Syria on Saturday morning.

Vahid Ahmadi also said that while the preparations for the next conference on Syria in Geneva were underway, the foreign-backed terrorists in Syria “have used chemical weapons after they were provoked by their masters,” and it is clear that he speaks about Washington.

Also this Iranian lawmaker is convinced that any military attack on Syria will trigger dire consequences for the entire Middle East. Mr Ahmadi said that the fate of the Middle Eastern region “will slip into a shroud of uncertainty,” in case a military strike on Syria will be really carried out by the West.

The Iranian lawmaker finally underlined that the countries, which support the government in Damascus, will “definitely not remain silent in the face of a possible military attack on the Arab nation,” and that the allies of Syria as well as the Syrian army will show a “serious reaction” to any potential military attack against Damascus.

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