The Gaza Massacre: Trump and Netanyahu Slaughter 58 Palestinians to Celebrate the Move of the US Embassy to Occupied Jerusalem

image-Gaza Massacre-Palestinian Medical Staff Evacuating a Civilian Shot by a Fighter from the IDF Terrorist Organization

The Gaza Massacre: Donald Trump of the junta ruling the White House and Benjamin Netanyahu the commander of the Zionist foreign imported radical settlers to Palestine both inaugurated the move of the US embassy from one occupied Palestinian city to another by spilling the blood of hundreds of Palestinians shooting dead 58 unarmed peaceful Palestinian protesters and wounding more than 2,700 others, with many of the injuries in critical situation fearing for more deaths.

Israel and its supporters spanning from the UK, France, Germany to USA, make sure to remind the whole world the level of disgrace they have to human lives, the top of the sins God promised capital punishment in hellfire for eternity for committing, is a basic policy of these two regimes, despite claiming they’re fulfilling their radical ideological duties.

Over the past few weeks and since the notion of the ‘deal of the century’ to be announced that includes stealing away the whole of Jerusalem and granting it to Israel, ‘undivided’, and the dismissing of the ‘Right to Return’ from the millions of Palestinians in diaspora, an incremental set of peaceful activities were carried out by the Palestinians in both the Gaza Strip and in scattered towns forming the West Bank.

The Palestinians besieged in the Gaza strip have been protesting with sit-ins at the fence separating isolating them in the concentration camp they’re over-crowdedly living in from their homes occupied by Zionist settlers on the other side of the fence. Watching their properties stolen by the foreign radical settlers imported from all sides of the planet in a brazen act against God’s own promise he promised the Children of Prophet Jacob (aka Israel), the Semites living in Palestine, and not to these foreigners who have nothing related to the land nor to the Semite people, except maybe following the religion of the minority of the Semite people.

image-Gaza Massacre-Palestinians flock to the Fence of the Fence of the Concentration Camp
Palestinians Flock to the Fence of the Concentration Camp


image-Gaza Massacre
Palestinian Women, Men, and Children Heading to Protest at the Fence of the Concentration Camp

Donald Trump’s own daughter and crier for al-Qaeda support Ivanka is a sheer example of this blatant lie against God’s promise. She’s of a Germanic origin, the origin with a very long history of bitter treatment against Semites including the Crusades and Nazism, yet she suddenly becomes a Semite from the RACE (not religion) descending from Prophet Jacob by converting backwards to Judaism and allegedly fulfilling God’s promise to other people – Jacob’s children, the real Semites by stealing that promise and claiming it to her husband’s cabal…!

Yesterday’s Gaza Massacre crowned Israel’s continuous daily crimes against Palestinians since those who don’t own, the Brits, granted the land of Palestine to those who do not deserve the anti-Judaic Zionists.

  • From the Deir Yassin massacre which left 150 civilians of all ages and from both sexes were maimed, then raped then killed by the Zionist movement.
  • Tens of Palestinians were killed by end of December 1937 when Zionist settlers throw a bomb on a vegetable market in Jerusalem, which became known later as the Quds Massacre.
  • The Two Haifa Massacres in 1938 one killed 18 Palestinians and injured 378 of them from bombing the Haifa Market; the second left 21 Palestinians killed and 52 injured by when Zionist settlers blew up 2 booby-trapped cars in the same Haifa market few months apart from the first massacre.
  • And many other massacres each time killing not less than 10 Palestinians and injuring dozens more, on purpose.
  • The massacre of Sabra and Shatilla Palestinian refugees camps in south Lebanon in September 1982 could be one of the deadliest committed under the supervision of the Israelis most-celebrated Sharon, their hero. 3,297 men, women and children were slaughtered within 40 hours only. About 1,490 of them were killed inside the two hospitals in the camps.
  • The 2 Qana Massacres, first on 18 April 1996 when the