Facebook Leads the Choir of Al-Qaeda Social Media Platforms

Facebook Community Standards Duplicity
Facebook Community Standards Duplicity

The so called ‘Arab Spring’ evil plot to spread ‘Creative Chaos’ throughout the Middle East have been partially called the Social Media revolution by some analysts, as it gains its momentum from posts on social media platforms like Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, Google Plus and other mediums used by ‘activists’ to spread their calls for ‘freedom’, the exact role of these giant social media platforms is being revealed by the public as events unfold, it was crystal clear for the Syrians since the early days of their country’s Crisis.

While in countries infected with the western sponsored ‘Arab Spring’ disease the ‘activists’ use social media to spread their thoughts and motivate the youth to face their almost certain death by 5th columns planted carefully among the mobs by foreign agents, those same western countries have faced the same mediums with utter disgrace to any ‘freedom’ they preach others.

When the British people took to the streets in numbers estimated at 700,000 protesters in the summer of 2011, the UK prime minster called them rioters, the western mainstream media helped promote the governments’ versions of the story and hide the protesters’ versions, to the extent that 2 young men were sentenced to 4 years in prison each for writing a Facebook status update calling for a protest that never happened, similar to what we saw in Turkey last year and similar to the Occupy movement in the US and worldwide before the movement was hacked by the Zionist lobbies and manipulated them.

The ‘community standards’ of the social media giants are there to be used in accordance with what the regimes and lobbies in control of the western nations and not the voices of the people, rarely they’d allow any opposing voice until they shut it down.

Syria News page on Facebook was the latest to be ‘unpublished’ by Facebook for violating those ‘community standards’ when a FB moderator didn’t like a post posted by one of the admins of the page, the page was popular among people seeking an alternative information source to what they’re fed by the western mainstream media with 46,925 fans and a very active discussion and sharing platform.

Facebook Community Standards Duplicity – The post they unpublished Syria News FB Page for..

The above post doesn’t suit the moderators of Facebook, so the page was ‘unpublished’ and all the admins received these messages before they were able to log in their profiles. Posts published by Al Qaeda supporters on official looking pages and channels do not violate the ‘community standards’, posts of beheading the real activists, the real people of Syria for daring to say no to a ‘revolution’ coming a the hands of the Wahhabi radical cannibal sex jihadists sponsored by the ‘most retard political states in the world’ like Saudi Arabia & Qatar and of course behind them the intelligence communities of the NATO member states.

Facebook unpublished the page of 46,925 fans

Syria News is not the first page, it’s one of tens of similar pages that receives the same treatment when they grow popular. We discussed in a previous post how Syria Perspective page was also closed. It’s a shame when social media sought by activists to spread their suffering through turns their back to the real activists and turn into platforms of propagandists promoting Al Qaeda.

Wahhabis from Al Qaeda promoting their killing ideology on YouTube

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