Moderate Rebels

The term ‘Moderate Rebels‘ applies to whoever wants to fight the Syrian Arab Army and cause destruction to the Syrian state and kill as many as possible of the Syrian people without getting exposed by media.

‘Moderate Rebels’ are based on the former term: FSA or Free Syrian Army after the diminishing of the latter.

Moderate Rebels‘ is a term invented by the regime of Barack Hussein Obama to defend the terrorists they created and sponsored in Syria, these groups have received enormous amounts of weapons, finance and logistic supplies in communication and satellite support as well as ready food meals, uniforms and all gears needed for elite regular armies.

They would shell full residential neighborhoods indiscriminately with all types of mortars and missiles killing hundreds but not allowed to slit throats before media cameras.

For Obama, there are good and bad terrorists.
For Obama, there are good and bad terrorists.

By law and logic: Any individual fighting a state from within using weapons or explosives is considered a terrorist.

By law and logic: Any citizen of a country receiving aid from a foreign country or a party to destabilize his own state or cause chaos or even fight his country is a traitor.

By law and logic: Terrorists and traitors should receive the capital punishment in their countries by their own people.

Read: Ambassador Jaafari Spoon-Feeds Logic to MSNBC Viewers.

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